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ডব্লিউএসআইএস -২০২১

Social Obligation Fund (SOF)

Social obligation fund (also known as SOF), is a contributory funding system present in the telecom sector of Bangladesh. The telecommunication entities such as mobile operators, internet service providers etc. contributes to this fund. This fund is then used for different projects related to telecommunication in Bangladesh. The goal of this system is to develop the telecommunication sector of Bangladesh as well as to bring the remotest places of Bangladesh in connection.

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Central Biometrics Verification Monitoring Platform (CBVMP)

Central Biometric Verification Monitoring Platform (CBVMP) is introduced by Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) in order to ensure accountability of every active mobile SIM (subscriber identity module) in the territory of Bangladesh along with is user recognition and prevent criminal activities like extortion, intimidation and harassment over mobile phones. This systems also helps to provide better citizen services using analytical information generated from the system.


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